We could use a man like
Crazy Carl today

A reminescence

Crazy Carl Hickerson, a flower child and flower vendor on Austin’s Sixth Street, ran for mayor of the city, once, back in the ‘80s.

Sixth Street was the closest thing Texas had to Bourbon Street: good food, good music, good drink, good times. Respectable bars and restaurants prospered and an interesting street scene grew up around them.

Crazy Carl was a regular at the corner of Sixth and Trinity, appearing there most evenings during good weather, where he sold flowers.

One year, Carl decided to run for Mayor. He qualified, paid his fees, and was even invited to join in a televised mayoral debate. It was great fun.

Said Carl:
“If I win, I’ll demand a recount.”
“I’ll try it if you will but a lot of people think I’ll never sit on the council. I hope
they’re right.”
“People will vote just to vote against me.”
“To a lot of you, I’m just another pretty face.”
“Austin is just an imaginary city.”

Carl got a few votes and went back to selling flowers but his candidacy triggered a little spike in the bumper sticker market when stickers saying
“I’M CRAZY, TOO, CARL!” appeared all over Austin.

Illustration by the editor

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