The State of the State:

by Sam Richardson
The state mammal of New Mexico: The Harley-Davidson.
State bird: The ’55 Chevy lowrider which, like the DoDo, bounces along but never takes flight.
State Motto: “Hey, bro!”
State Dish: Green chile stew.
State flower: Sensimilla.
State gem: Roadside beer can
State tree: 100-year old uprooted cottonwood.
State dinosaur: White-haired hippie.
State fish: Submerged beer can.
State pet:
The barking yard dog.
"A good arrangement in Northern New Mexico is if your neighbor doesn't shoot your dog."
-Art critic, Dave Hickey

Things New Mexicans can cook: posole, green chile stew
Things New Mexicans cannot cook: Barbecue, cole slaw and beans.

Beans, we say, BEANS! Most restaurants have become lazy and use the canned variety.

Beans are to be soaked overnight, then cooked for at least two hours with onion, garlic, a bay leaf and a smoked pork hock or some salt pork or bacon. The addition of a cup of a good cajun roux per two cups of beans adds even more character. For those too lazy too fix a roux, a couple of tablespoons of white flour or masa flour can add a little texture.

Beans! Get off your butt and give them the preparation they deserve.

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