Interesting public forum in Taos, Tuesday, Feb. 6. Mayoral and town council candidates stated their platforms and ideas. The air was rife with platitudes and clich├ęs about regional economic development, as in bringing in industry and new business, and about working together, and about getting more citizen input into local issues, and about keeping the young people in town after graduation from high school by creating jobs. There was some discussion about land, water and acequia issues, but there was NONE, I say NONE, about promoting Taos as an art market.

Taos is an arts town, or it used to be. There are 62 vacant store fronts in Taos and many of them used to be art galleries. So is the council and are aspiring candidates giving up on the arts? The arts used to be the economic engine that drove this town. Should be again if the council would develop a strategy for promoting the arts. We’re not hearing enough about that issue.

All this pie in the sky about bringing in new hi-tech jobs, and new industry—things that don’t exist and may never exist. We have an arts scene and a history as an art market! We have art galleries! We have artists! How about we come up with some strategies to promote what we already have.

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